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Salvation Army Hostel, Newcastle

Status: Grade II listed (Jul 2015) - up for sale (2021)

Ryder & Yates (1974). Unlisted

This centre, originally built to house 184 men, incorporates dormitories, day rooms, restaurant, facilities for old people and a small hospital. Constructed of blue brindle brickwork, with narrow strip windows carefully organised to allow for maximum flexibility, it is accessed by two curved ramps under a boomerang-shaped canopy redolent of Lubetkin’s Highpoint Two. The Salvation Army recently lost a bid to take over Homeless Services in Newcastle, and so have vacated the building, which is under threat from potential redevelopment or unsympathetic alteration.

We have submitted a listing application which is currently under assessment.

Status – Grade II listed (July 2015) – up for sale (2021)


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