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Goddard’s Plate Powder and Polish Co. factory, Leicester, architects Bedingfield & Grundy, 1935

Walk around Leicester city centre

The C20 East Midlands regional group is currently basking in the afterglow of an enjoyable sunny walk in Leicester, which took place on Saturday 27 June.

The event was a great success and surpassed all expectations (about 30 or 40 people turned up!).

The walk was led by Chris Matthews, but credit must go to the informed contributions from Michael Taylor (author of The Quality of Leicester), Nils Feldmann (Leicester architect), and Grant Butterworth (Head of Planning at Leicester City Council.

This event would not have taken place were it not for the encouragement of C20 South Yorkshire, who were keen to take part in this joint event.

Some of the highlights included the rear elevation of the Pfister & Vogel Leather Factory (Fosbroke & Bedingfield, 1923), Goddard’s Silver Plate Polish Factory (Bedingfield & Grundy, 1935), and a (lucky!) visit inside the Leicester Engineering Building (Stirling & Gowan, 1964).

Many were so impressed by Leicester that they vowed to return, and indeed there is more to see.

A written follow-up and details about our latest news and planned forthcoming events will be posted via our next newsletter.

Chris Matthews