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Goodbye to C20, by Clare Price

Dunelm House (1964-66) Grade II listed in 2021 following C20’s campaign
Kingsgate Bridge (1963) Grade I listed)

This week we said a fond farewell to our Casework Director, Dr Clare Price, who’s off to pastures new at the Church of England. Here she shares some highlights and reflects on an incredible 12 years at the Society.

A huge thanks and the very best of luck from all of us Clare!


So 12 years after I first climbed the stairs in Cowcross Street to join C20 I am off to pastures new. This is a very bittersweet decision for me to make as this has been the best job that I have ever had – something new every day, always learning, finding unexpected enthusiasms, meeting all sorts of wonderful people. Although it is a cliché, it’s fair to say that no two days are ever the same in the job of a caseworker and it’s certainly been a challenge. I’ve loved the site visits – they are always interesting as you get to see buildings from every angle – and often take in great views from the roofs. I’ve engaged in a huge variety of cases and certainly haven’t won them all – well, very few in the grand scheme of things – but every single one has been an opportunity to raise awareness of the amazing range of architecture that we cover.

Listing applications have been very time consuming, requiring detailed research and hours holed up in the RIBA library, some even paying off! Dunelm House in Durham was probably my biggest challenge from that perspective, only achieving listing after two requests for the decision to be reviewed. The team in the office has changed over my time here – we all share our enthusiasms and enjoy team lunches coming up with novel new campaign ideas – but their support and that of the trustees, members and all our marvellous volunteers has been invaluable and kept me going through all sorts (even a pandemic).

Along the way I acquired a PhD – encouraged to hone my expertise in particular C20 area – and as a result have become the in-house expert on churches casework. It is this skill that has led me away from the Society to the Church of England to widen my interest and to explore Cathedrals and Major Churches as a part of their national team. More casework indeed but on a different scale I suspect. I will continue to champion the architecture from our period just as part of a different context. I shall miss everyone at C20 very much, but will remain in touch and come back for events and to support whenever I can!

Dr Clare Price (@InterWarChurch)


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