The Twentieth Century Society

Campaigning for outstanding buildings

The Sunken Lounge. London, Midland and Scotland Transport School, Derby. William H. Hamlyn, 1937-8.
The Assembly Rooms, Derby. Casson, Condor & Partners, 1971-6.
Olivetti Building, Derby. Edward Cullinan, 1970-1.

Derby: Engineering the Twentieth Century

Saturday 2nd September      9.15am – 5.00pm

Led by local historian Chris Matthews, the one day tour will take place over a morning walk and afternoon coach tour.

The tour will call at a variety of sites, showcasing Derby’s industrial and engineering heritage. Stops are to include Rolls Royce’s Marble Hall (1912, 1938) and Engineering Centre (1961-8, Fry, Drew & Partners); the London, Midland and Scotland Transport School (1937-8, W. H. Hamlyn); and the British Railway Technical Centre (1964, Dr F. C. Curtis with A. H. Cantrell). A visit will also be made to features of Borough Architect C. H. Aslin’s interwar improvement plan, including law courts, police station, council house, swimming pool, gardens and housing.

For further details and to book, please visit the event page.