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‘Exeter, let’s pull it down’ – a talk by Peter Thomas

25 January 2020 – 2.30pm at Exeter Library

To start the year we have a talk by local historian Peter Thomas, ‘Exeter, let’s pull it down’.  This illustrated talk will concentrate on buildings of our period that have been lost, not as a result of WW2 – though there was much destruction as a result of German bombing of course – but subsequently and we would argue often unnecessarily. One casualty of ambitious new development in central Exeter was Princesshay, an elegant 1950s pedestrianised mall, which the Twentieth Century Society lobbied to save.

Peter is curator of the Isca Collection, a remarkable photographic record of Exeter through the ages, and this will form the basis of this illustrated talk to be held in Exeter Library. You can find out more at: