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News: Demolition of Manchester Labour Exchange – and a movie


Manchester Confidential reports the probable demolition of the early 1950s former Labour Exchange in Aytoun Street, Manchester to make way for a new hotel. The Exchange is quite nice in a Dutch-modern, bricky, moderne way; as Jonathan Schofield says in his article: ‘While the former Employment Exchange is not great architecture it’s a shame that it has to go. It represents a style and a period of architectural history rarely seen in Manchester.’

Until it closed as a Labour Exchange, it had three classes of entrance: A, B and C. White collar clerical-types used A; skilled workers went through B; and unskilled workers had to use C.

Also, on Sat 12th October the Manchester Modernist Society and North West Film Archive have put together a guided walk and screening of the fascinating 1947 film A City Speaks – Manchester City Council’s vision for the future of the bombed-out city.

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