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Campaigning for outstanding buildings

Credit: Historic England/ James O. Davies


Allbrook House and Roehampton Library

The latest stage of a long-fought campaign to save key parts of the Alton Estate in Roehampton

We have objected to plans for the demolition of a large chunk of the Alton West in Roehampton. We have long fought to save Allbrook House and the Roehampton Library from redevelopment by the London Borough of Wandsworth, including submitting an unsuccessful listing application in 2015 and requesting that the Conservation Area boundary be extended to include them, which was refused in 2010.

John Partridge was a member of the LCC team working on the Roehampton Estate that would later become architectural practice HKPA. Partridge’s design was constructed between 1959 and 1961. Allbrook House was one of the last buildings designed for the estate, at which point the architectural language inspired by Le Corbusier’s residential blocks had become well-developed. Although harmful plans for the Grade II-listed Minstead Gardens bungalows were dropped prior to the submission of the planning application, we feel strongly that the proposed loss of Allbrook House, the Library and other neighbouring buildings of merit is unacceptable.

Grace Etherington