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Detail of ceramic tile on Rupert Spira's mural 100 New Bridge Street
Rulers Spira's mural at New Bridge Street, London, 1992, ceramic tile detail
Detail of ceramic tile on Rupert Spira's mural 100 New Bridge Street
Detail of warning sign on Rupert Spira's mural 100 New Bridge Street, this wall has artistic importance


33 Rupert Spira, Ceramic Mural, 1992

Status: Unlisted
Condition: Good condition
Type: Mosaic
Owners: Unknown
Location: 100 New Bridge Street, City of London

Until the beginning of the 1990’s, Spira was a potter at Lower Froyle in Hampshire. Whilst working at the Swallow tile Co, Spira perfected the art of interlocking geometric tiles with various complex glazes. In 1992, he received a commission from developers Rosehaugh Stanhope to build a mural at the rear of an office block on the East side of New Bridge Street in the City of London. Produced at the Froyle Pottery, the result consists of 23 beautiful handmade stoneware panels totalising 18000 tiles. The artwork is arranged as a visual game for the pedestrians. Its beautiful glazes mixing reds, blues, turquoise, green and grey from an optical illusion and the murals run the entire length of the rear elevation to the building. Financially secure from the tile making business, Spira returned to making pots after his fructuous experience in New Bridge Street.

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