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Close up image of the Barbara jones mural "Adam naming the animals" image includes zebra, penguin, tiger, and giraffe among others


34 Barbara Jones, Untitled, 1959

Status: Destroyed
Type: Wall painting / panels
Owners: Unknown
Location: Former Yewlands School, Sheffield

Barbara Jones was a key figure in the story of post-war public art and design. This mural represents her last surviving publicly commissioned work. Depicting a seated figure, surrounded by an array of wild animals in a tropical setting, the mural is directly painted onto a plastered wall. It originally stood in the reception hall of the school Basil Spence designed and measures 7x12m. The mural was boxed in about 25 years ago and has only recently been discovered. The mural is scheduled for demolition as part of the development of a new school on the site. In an attempt to save the mural, and get it re-incorporated into the new scheme, the society has put it forward to English Heritage for listing at Grade II.

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