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Vista Point

Copyright Jonathan Howell

Anderton House

copyright Clive Boursnell

Chert, Isle of Wight

Photo courtesy Tony Stokoe

Keeling House

copyrightT Zupancic

As the lockdown eases, check out these great C20 Holiday Stays

As the lockdown eases and holiday accommodation starts to open its doors to visitors, we are celebrating by publishing a list of great 20th century holiday properties.  Many come with recommendations from our members and tips of architecture to see in the vicinity.

This is just a start; we’re hoping with your help our list will grow over the coming months and years and become a valued and personalised resource for our members.

From Patrick Gwynne’s five-bedroom modernist seaside gem in Sussex  to the raw Brutalist beauty of Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseille which has a hotel on the fourth floor, there are some really fabulous C20 holiday buildings available.

Please do let us know of other such buildings where you can holiday, whether in the UK or abroad, hotels, private houses, charity owned or more modest Airbnbs, all with some interesting architectural heritage, of course. Just email the details to and if possible include a photo of the property.

And if you are thinking of booking one of these properties, do please check lockdown or travel restrictions before you do so.