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Adelaide House, Sir John Burnet and Thomas S. Tait, 1925

C20 prioritises Casework as Coronavirus hits events programme

Following careful consideration of the current course of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’ve decided that as much as possible of the work of the C20 Society will be carried out remotely for the time being.

We’ve made this decision in the interests of the health and well-being of our staff, volunteers and co-workers at the office space we share at Cowcross Street. It is perhaps less difficult for us to take this step than many organisations, as we already work with the crucial input of many volunteers and trustees who are not office-based.

Our top priority will remain Casework, with our Director and Casework team continuing to assess applications for listed building consent etc. Our statutory referrals arrive online anyway, so disruption should be minimal. We are also receiving office email as usual, and all three of us are reachable by mobile phone for follow up on specific cases.
Please email . It would be very helpful if you could look at the advice here first, as that will let you know what information we will need to be able to help you. We appreciate that building preservation is unlikely to be a top concern for anyone at this very difficult time, but we will be remaining vigilant.

Our lecture programme and all events at Cowcross Street are currently on hold, and although our walk around Hackney this weekend has gone ahead successfully, we are reviewing the practicalities of all planned trips and events. We will be in touch directly with all those who have signed up for the trip to Chicago from Saturday 30th May. We are continuing to plan Oslo for August 2020, as announced in our newsletters, but will not open booking for this until we have a clearer idea if it likely to be feasible for it to go ahead.
If you have already booked on a forthcoming event please check the events pages for latest news from tomorrow, and we will email you if the event is cancelled.

Copy for our first Magazine of 2020 is almost complete, and we will hope to have that with you as soon as possible. We are also making good progress on editing our Journal, which should be out by late Spring, and we will also hope to keep you entertained and informed via social media and our email newsletters.

We hope very much that all our members, friends and supporters, and all your loved ones remain safe.

With very best wishes,

Catherine Croft
Director, C20 Society