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Dunelm House

C20 Society to challenge renewed decision not to list Dunelm House

The Twentieth Century Society is set to challenge the Secretary of State’s renewed decision not to list Dunelm House, as the Society fundamentally disagrees with the Minister’s conclusion that Dunelm House lacks architectural significance. The Society considers that this is a unique building and surpasses any other of its date for its response to its setting. The Society does not consider that the issues that have arisen, largely due to poor maintenance and changing patterns of use, can be considered to be flaws in the original design. As a result, the Society intends to request a further review of the decision.

The Society has requested disclosure of all available documentation on the decision via a Freedom of Information request to the DCMS and Historic England. The Society will continue to campaign to save the building which was considered to be worthy of Grade II listed status by Historic England and which is of evident architectural significance.

The considerable support for the building was evident at the Caring for Brutalism event organised jointly by Durham University Centre for Visual Arts and Culture, Durham City Trust and C20 Society last Saturday 20th October. Barnabas Calder of Liverpool University summed up the mood of the day by saying “It would be an act of vandalism and short sightedness to demolish this building: don’t do it!”

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