The Twentieth Century Society

Campaigning for outstanding buildings

Leaving a bequest to the C20 Society

From April this year a substantial change to Inheritance Tax Law gives extra incentive to leaving money to a Charity—and that includes the C20 Society.

Making a bequest is a very effective way of making a gift to the Twentieth Century Society, enabling you to make a contribution to the work of the Society of a size and significance that might not be possible during your lifetime. Now there is an extra incentive, as imminent changes to Inheritance Tax rules make it particularly tax-efficient to make a charitable bequest.

After 30 years the Twentieth Century Society needs to attract legacies, to support its work and secure its long term future. In a personal message from Bobby Drake, long-term Society trustee, he urges:  “whether you are a new or old member, please consider remembering the Society in your will. By doing so you will be leaving something of lasting benefit, which will be put to excellent use in support of the architecture of the C20th.”

Despite all that the Society has achieved in protecting buildings and changing attitudes, the battle is by no means won. Major post-1914 buildings are  are still frequently refused listing, threatened with demolition or damaging alteration. Ill-informed antagonism still exists in many quarters, towards structures of our period and the materials used to build them.  We are gaining support, but the buildings we fight for are often seen as controversial, and frequently not even counted as  ‘heritage’. In this often difficult context we depend on the generosity of members and supporters to continue our work.

It is straightforward to make a minor change to your will, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a real difference to the Society’s future.