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The Midland Hotel – A happy end to a sorry tale

The C20th Society is delighted to learn that the Midland Hotel in Morecambe has been sold to property developer Urban Splash. The fate of the Midland Hotel is one of the most notorious cases of neglect and mistreatment of a major work of Twentieth century architecture.

Urban Splash has become synonymous with pioneering regeneration in the North-West of England. A strong advocate of modern design, Urban Splash have led the way in terms of loft-style living, their work mixes contemporary design with the architecture of existing buildings. This has resulted in numerous successes that have led to awards for both the quality of their design and their contribution to regeneration.

Urban Splash intend to restore the Midland to its former glory. The C20th Society realise that this will be difficult, expensive and will take several years, however the Society is confident that Urban Splash will use proficient consultants and will be happy to heed the advice of restoration experts. The Society hopes to be involved at an early stage to advise on a scheme that will see the hotel upgraded to modern standards, whilst retaining the building’s original charm and character.

For further information and images please contact Claire Barrett, Caseworker,
on 020 7250 3857 or by email at claire.barrett(at)
Lisa Ashurst at Urban Splash on 0161 839 2999

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