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Update on Greenside

C20 puts case against demolition of a major C20 house once more.
Following the earlier quashing of Runnymede Council’s misguided decision to grant listed building consent for the demolition of Greenside, the owner now has another opportunity to provide extra information to justify his original application.

The C20 is confident that there are no reasonable grounds to allow demolition, and we are not impressed by the new information we have seen (which includes a report from Tony Monk who used to teach at Luton University). We have responded to the owner’s package with a comprehensive analysis of the issues and have supported our case with extra expert opinions from

John Allan (of Avanti architects)
Stuart Tapin (structural engineer)
Jeremy Gould (architect and historian)
As well as our Chairman Gavin Stamp, and from Alan Powers

Runnymede Council’s Planning committee will consider the revised application on November 5th. We believe that they will have no alternative but to refuse consent this time around.